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Mini voltmeter always with you!

This mini voltmeter is perfect to hang as a keychain. Check precisely battery voltage wherever you are. Thanks to its compact size, you can always have it with you in your pocket or with your keys. Additionally, it can be connected directly to the battery or d-tap splitter and be used like a standard voltmeter.
Voltmeter with red LED display can be used for monitoring and testing DC voltages from 2.5 - 30V.

Our idea was to create a solution for:
- monitoring battery condition on a classic Focus Puller setup with video receiver and focus monitor
- monitoring battery condition on big battery-powered monitors for directors, DOPs, production, client, etc. No more hearing "I got no video!"

Display mode: 3-digit 0.28" LED display
Display color: red
Measuring range: DC 2.5V-30V
Working current: <30mA
Refresh rate: ≥200ms
Measurement accuracy: 1%
Operating Temp: -10°-+65°
Cable length: 30cm
Connector: D-Tap

Mini voltmeter

120,00 złPrice
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