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Keep your clip-on safe with our cool safety cord! Made of 4mm thick paracord is strong enough to protect it from falling down. Ended with a carabiner on one side and a 1/4" thread on the other.


Different lengths and colors: 

30cm length is for short lenses

50cm for zooms

40cm is the most universal, it is long enough to fit most zoom lenses and won't hang loosely with short ones.

If you want custom length text us first!


You can choose from variety of colors to fit the rest of your accessories. Colors you can choose above are available immediately. But our paracord producer has hundereds of them! You can choose any color from the list, but remember that this may extend the production time by 2 weeks.

If you want double color safety cord write it in the box above!

Clip-on safety cord

80,00 złPrice


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